Reethi Beach Photos - Snorkelling: Photos 3

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Snorkelling photos

Some 35mm photos taken with single-use waterproof camera.  These were all taken just a few yards from the beach near the drop-off.

Inside a large shoal of Blue or Lunar Fusiliers, which were being harrassed by a group of half-a-dozen Jacks.

Blue or Lunar Fusiliers (44k)
Daisy Parrotfish (47k)

I think this is a Daisy Parrotfish.

An Empress or Regal Angelfish ducks behind some coral just as I press the button.  A Powder-blue Surgeonfish watches.

Empress or Regal Angelfish (36k)
Humpback Red Snappers (36k)

A group of Humpback Red Snappers hang motionless above the drop-off.

A Lined Butterflyfish.

Lined Butterflyfish (41k)
Powder-blue Surgeonfish (32k)

A pair of Powder-blue Surgeonfish.

There were literally thousands of Red-tooth Triggerfish swimming just off the beach.

Red-tooth Triggerfish (37k)
A Unicornfish (15k)

A Unicornfish.

Oriental Sweetlips and a Humpback Red Snapper.

Oriental Sweetlips and a Humpback Red Snapper. (41k)
Fish just kept swimming in a circle (44k)

This school of fish just kept swimming in a circle round and round the piling under the reception jetty.

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